Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Best WOC-Middle

It was really physically hard for me. I began the race with safe route choises. Tried to keep good rythm.
But I became very tired vey soon. I knew that I need to fight and never give up.

I tried to find the most simple way to the 7th controll. On this way I've got something in my eye. I became little blind and I couldn't see 3D picture. I couldn't undrestand what I am running on. My pace falt down for the rest of the distance.

But still I had good attack-point for the 7th controll. I ran into the forest and found a cable. It was TV-control cable. I realize it but you never know where TV-control is placed. I checked compass direction and it it showed me little to the right then I've been running. Then I've got to the road :-(. After punching the 7th I fidgeted and make one more mistake on the next. I saw Pasi Ikonen's back and became more dissapointed.

Then I have been just running and picking the controls. No big mistakes. Actually no mistakes. But I couldn't run that fast. Everything under my feet were afull obstacles. My eye is still not well after about 20 hours.

Now I am very happy to make the best result in WOC-middle I ever had! It is nice! I will go for top 10 next year and for the medals in two years!!!

The results and GPS-tracking.

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  1. За Паси не продержался бы?
    По ГПС казалось, пойдёте вместе...