Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Best WOC-Middle

It was really physically hard for me. I began the race with safe route choises. Tried to keep good rythm.
But I became very tired vey soon. I knew that I need to fight and never give up.

I tried to find the most simple way to the 7th controll. On this way I've got something in my eye. I became little blind and I couldn't see 3D picture. I couldn't undrestand what I am running on. My pace falt down for the rest of the distance.

But still I had good attack-point for the 7th controll. I ran into the forest and found a cable. It was TV-control cable. I realize it but you never know where TV-control is placed. I checked compass direction and it it showed me little to the right then I've been running. Then I've got to the road :-(. After punching the 7th I fidgeted and make one more mistake on the next. I saw Pasi Ikonen's back and became more dissapointed.

Then I have been just running and picking the controls. No big mistakes. Actually no mistakes. But I couldn't run that fast. Everything under my feet were afull obstacles. My eye is still not well after about 20 hours.

Now I am very happy to make the best result in WOC-middle I ever had! It is nice! I will go for top 10 next year and for the medals in two years!!!

The results and GPS-tracking.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

WOC2012 Middle Q

The middle qualification suposed to be very tricky. I haven't been confidense about it.
I've started quite nervous. But then it went better. I made some small mistakes during the race. Of course I wasn't satisfied.

The result became a big surprise for me. Now I am loading for the final. The terrain will be more complicated. It means that I need to focus even more.

Monday, July 16, 2012

WOC2012 Long Q

After EOC in Sweden I felt quite confidense about long distanse. I knew that I have enough physical and technical parts to qualify to the final.

Then I've started. The race didn't look very difficult. But I knew: there are a lot of small green areas that can be by very tricky. Actually we had some controls in they. I made few small mistakes due to these small greens.

The transportation between the controls was simple to very simple. The terrain wasn't physically hard but I am still not that good in running. I pushed myself forward all the time.

At the last control. I ran out from the forest to punch the last control and I had heart just one word: "go-o-od".
The spurt was the tuffest part of the race. I've ran overspeed but the finishline was so far. I crossed the line and falled down to take a rest.

The 12th plase. It sounds quite well. But the results in my heat were so tight. Only 30 secons devided me and the false.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Sydsvenska 7-manna

The competition is finished. So there is a time to anylize it.
IKHP is the 2nd best!!!

All the relay has been indefinite. After the first 3 legs IKHP has been in the leading group. It meaned that I will start on good position today (pursuit based on the 3rd leg). When I came to the competition center I checked a start list one more time. Yes! I should start only 2 seconds behind Henrik Laas from IFK Göteborg.

He has a bit shorter forking on the first control. So he has got advantage in the beginning.
Matti told me to make my own orienteering. Some controls and I am leading again.
I decided not to rush and then I has been just holding position.

I made my orienteering clearly again and let Oskar begin his race on the first position.
All team made the best. It was really good competition for all team.
The ladies came also on the high 2nd place!


The article will be updated

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Brest analysis

The competitions in Brest have been remembered by fast races and unnormal cold weather.

All competition days I have been working clearly. I didn't have any problems at the relay and sprint events. They were held in typical urban zone. So orienteering has been simple.
Sprint map

The long distanse.
The snow and rain have been making this day difficult for runners.
I dressed all underwear I had. But still it was cold. In the end of the race I have been really suffering. The punching the controls and working with a map were difficult beacause of my frozen hands. The brain was  refusing to work.
But I made the race without any big problems.
Long map

Now I am prepareing for my first competition in Sweden.
Follow 7-manna through the internet.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The season is beginning

The snow has gone away. And the forest is waiting for new achievements.

The first event I will take part in will be in Southern city Brest.
There is the first event of Belarussian Cup. The selection for EOC 2012 is connected to it.

Then I begin my Swedish trip. I am planning to take part in following orienteering events:
- Sydsvenska 7-manna
- Kolmårdskavlen
- Bauernatta
- Silva League
- Stigtomtakavlen
- Silva League
- Silva League
- 10-mila !!!
I have already put 15 control points to get ready for day and night competitions.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SM. How it's made

I was so proud to be a competitor on SM this year. So I want to share my feelings with my O-friends.

I am writing about competitions from technical point of view. How it looks like for athlete. I do it for Belorussian O-functionaries. I hope it help to increase the level of organisation the competitions in Belarus.

Read story in Russian